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Certified Translation Service Legal and immigration documents can be a "hand in glove" type of affair. That's why we bill ourselves as translators of both legal and immigration documents.

Immigration translation requirements aside, w translate all manner of legal and immigration documents: Affidavits; Articles of Incorporation; Certificates of Accuracy; Contracts; Court Transcripts; Depositions; Evidentiary Documents; Legal Decisions; Litigation Documents; Notarized Documents; Power of Attorney Documents; Property Papers, Real Estate Deeds and Leases; Sworn Statements; Transfer Agreements; Trusts; Wills; Witness Statements.

NOTARIZED TRANSLATIONS: Notarized translations are governed by local laws in each country. In a non-notarized or non-certified translation the translator may be entitled to render a personal style and tone to the translated text, to make it more readable to the target audience – a process sometimes referred to as localization.

A translation that is notarized is a translated document carrying the authenticated signature(s) of the translator(s) authorized or required to sign it, and the signature of a notary public witnessing the signature(s), accompanied by an impression of his or her official notary seal. A notarized translation is not necessarily a certified translation. For a full definition of notarized translation see: What is a notarized translation?

However, in order to be accepted by the courts and/or public authorities, a notarized translation must be an accurate reflection of the source language and must usually include a statement from the translator certifying the work together with a signature and/or seal which, in certain jurisdictions, only translators with the authority to certify translated works may use.

Descriptions, such as "Official translation", "Certifying the correctness of the translation", "Certifying word-by-word compliance of the translation", or similar phrases may not be officially recognized certification clauses depending upon the applicable laws in a given jurisdiction. For clarity on some of these terms, see our Certified Translation Glossary.

Whatever the nature of the documentation or the language pair involved, we can assist you in determining what the specific nature of your requirements is in the context of the applicable jurisdiction. We have specific expertise in sourcing the appropriate translator resource, securing applicable certification and/or notarization (if, where and when required), and doing so in a timely, cost-effective manner.


Bi-Directional Immigration Document Translation Service for virtually any language pair

In addition to providing immigration document translation services from any language into the English, French or Spanish languages, we can also assist you with the translation of English language technical material into the world's most popular languages: English to Chinese; English to Arabic; English to German; English to Japanese; English to Portuguese; English to Russian; English to Korean; English to Italian; English to Hindi; to name but the most popular among the more than 75 languages that we can handle for you.

Translation Performance Commitment  Our Quality Assurance Means Peace of Mind guarantee is the cornerstone of our commitment to deliver competitively priced services of the highest quality within agreed upon deadlines. Our work is not done until the work is approved by our clients and they are completely satisfied.

The most important words in our customer service language....

We assist clients from across North America and overseas. View descriptions of typical translation, proofreading and editing assignments: Sample translation projects.

Full Privacy and Absolute Confidentiality is assured.

  All translation jobs are typically handled via e-mail (incoming and outgoing) or by fax when/where e-mail is not feasible/possible. We invariably use the same translator for a given project. This is to ensure that the translator is familiar with the terminology in common use by a given client.

Once the translation has been completed, a proofreader who is also a professional translator will bring a fresh perspective to the text. Grammatical, syntactic and stylistic aspects of the text can be improved in the process. This additional opinion during the process is key to meeting your linguistic requirements.

Once your text has been finalized, we can help you put it on paper or on the web. Whatever the medium: design and desktop publishing, HTML layout or printing, we can provide it.


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  The list of documents required in immigration applications vary by country and individual circumstances.

In the United States, immigration information can be gleaned from the US Government official website: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

In Canada, immigration information can be gleaned from the Canadian Government official website: Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Specifically, the so-called CP-12 CIC policy document on immigration applications states:
"A citizenship applicant who provides documents in a language other than French or English must submit a copy of the original document and a copy of the French or English translation with the application. The applicant must also supply a sworn affidavit from the translator, that the contents of the translation are a true translation and representation of the contents of the original document."

In most circumstances when an immigration official requires documentation and the documents are in a language other than English (or other than English or French in Canada) the material must be translated and the translation must usually be performed by an accredited translator (i.e. certified). (See more info on Certified Translation.) In other instances, the translation of an immigration document may require to be notarized. (See more info on Notarized Translation.)

Legal Translation
Technical Translation
proofreading service
  We assist organizations with legal documentation that requires accurate translation, such as, but not limited to: Contracts, Transfer Agreements, Certificates of Accuracy, Witness Statements, Depositions, Affidavits, Sworn Statements, Trusts, Wills, Articles of Incorporation, Legal Decisions, Court Transcripts, Litigation Documents, Immigration Documents and, Evidentiary Documents.

Related Topics: Notarized Translation; Certified Translation; Official Translation; Immigration Translation.

  We assist organizations with engineering documentation (e.g. User Instructions, Manuals, Technical Reports, Patent Applications, Brochures, Scientific Articles, Textbooks, Product Specifications, Site Surveys, Feasibility Studies, Material Safety Data Sheets, etc.)

We cover all sectors of the economy that produce technical documentation: the professions, sciences, services, manufacturing, utilities, industry and, resources.

  Our proofreading service consists of reviewing any text for errors – hard copy (written documentation) or electronic (e.g. websites, MSWord files, PowerPoint files).The types of errors we look for include: missing words; typos; spelling mistakes; formatting errors; missing or bad punctuation; etc.

The proofreading service is combined with light copy-editing: checking for grammar; improper language usage; run-on sentences; consistency issues; etc. Our objective is to improve the formatting, style and accuracy of your written material without changing the content. This is part and parcel of the translation services we provide as we verify the material we have translated for our clients, but it is also offered as a standalone service.

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